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Our Ombudsman service addresses all areas of workplace safety including violence, threats, harassment, theft and fraud.

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Training, inspections, safety meetings, off-site communication and administrative support.

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Over 30+ years, Safety United has consulted hundreds of businesses and trained thousands of employees in the general and construction industries. Learn how Safety United can help your business be more successful with safety and the innovative tools we use to drive positive change.

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Safety Glasses

If you think wearing protective eye wear isn’t necessary, think again. Nearly 70 percent of eye injuries in the workplace occurred due to flying objects striking the eye that could have been prevented with the correct eye wear.

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Workplace Violence

Workplace violence is defined as “any act or threat of physical violence, harassment, intimidation, or other threatening, disruptive behavior that occurs at the work site.”

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Ladder Safety

Ladder safety in the workplace is important to understand. While it may seem like common sense, a lot people use a ladder incorrectly putting themselves at risk of injury.

Knowledgeable and solution-driven, Safety United is there when you need them–and even more importantly–there before you do.  With years of professional experience and comprehensive understanding of OSHA standards and regulations, SU developed and implemented a safety program tailored to the specific needs of our various sized supermarkets located across the Virginias.  We are particularly pleased with the online Learning Management System which is the ideal way to deliver high quality training to employees working such varied hours 7 days/week.  I recommend Safety United without reservation.

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Human Resource Center Grant's Supermarket

Five years ago Fielder’s Choice Enterprises, Inc. (FCE), an established Heavy / Highway Contractor in the state of Virginia, was on the rise and made the decision to partner with a third party safety consultant to enhance the safety program.  FCE chose Safety United and that was absolutely the right choice!  When our organization needed an expert to develop and implement a complete safety program, Josh Oliver the President of Safety United did just that.  His knowledge and ability to put systems in place and create not just a top of the line safety program, but also a positive companywide safety culture has been invaluable.  The growth of Safety United with FCE has been a great experience and we look forward to a long lasting relationship as we continue to grow together.

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Director of Project Operations, Fielder's Choice Enterprises