At Safety United, we believe that safety encompasses more than just hazards at the job site and extends to all areas of your business as well.

Safety United Ombudsman Service

At Safety United, we believe that safety encompasses more than just hazards at the job site and extends to all areas of your business as well. Our Ombudsman service protects areas of business that might not always be thought about but are vitally important. Employers want their employees to report dangerous and unethical activity in the workplace but cannot get employees to do so because they do not feel protected—and since employees are not reporting unsafe and illegal practices inside the workplace, this is putting a substantial amount of risk on the employer.

Why would my company need this service?

This is potentially a huge problem for your company. No matter how ethical and transparent your company is, your company does have problems. Often times employees are not comfortable reporting concerns relating to unsafe work practices, threats, violence, harassment, fraud etc. for the fear of reprimand or being labeled a “rat” or “snitch”.

Through our years in the industry, we have found issues like this in almost every organization. At Safety United, we have a system that will protect your employees as well as your company, no matter the size.

But "we have an anonymous hotline for our employees to use"

This is what most companies have a hard time understanding— they have a whistleblower system or hotline in place for employees to use, but it is seldom if ever utilized. What most companies fail to recognize is that even if the system in place protects anonymity, the employee doesn’t feel protected—and rightfully so. Since the system in place is directly controlled and monitored by those within the company, is it truly anonymous?

This is why our independent 3rd party ombudsman service exists and is so successful.  We call our form a “Request for Resolution” in order to take away all the negatives that are often associated with being a “whistleblower”. You don’t want to be blindsided to an issue that could have a large negative impact on your company internally and externally. Through our system, employees feel protected and empowered to do what is right when they otherwise would have a hard time doing so.

How is the Safety United Obudsman program different from whistleblower hotline services?

To put it simply, we are not an answering service. The companies you will find online offering this type of service are simply call centers—One minute they might be taking a whistleblower tip and the next they will be setting up appointments for a cleaning franchise. Is this who you want handling the sensitive and potentially damaging information of your company? We are first and foremost safety professionals that understand the importance of these issues and getting them to the proper channels as quickly as possible.

Through the use of our system, nothing is left open to interpretation, and if needed, further protected and anonymous communication will be continued. Above all, we leave nothing to chance. When you sign up for our service, every employee in your organization will have access to anonymous reporting. This isn’t done through a company-wide e-mail, a phone number on your company’s intranet or posters in the break rooms. When your company signs up for our Ombudsman service, every employee receives a Safety United Ombudsman card to keep on them at all times—serving as an active reminder that they have the power to anonymously report unsafe and improper activities.

What industries does our Ombudsman program service?