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On Site Training

Safety United has been a reliable training source for over 30 years in the Mid-Atlantic/ Southeast region. When you take a course with Safety United, you will immediately see the difference. Our trainers use very limited videos allowing for dialogue and hands on demonstrations while encouraging student interaction. Studies show that this type of learning is the most effective. With the Safety Culture Program, Safety United will conduct required safety training to employees on a continual basis. Safety training sessions may be used for new employee/sub orientation, OSHA topics, OSHA 10 and/or 30, MSHA, refresher training, annual training and specific task training.

Safety Meetings

We understand the importance of having everyone on the same page in order to have an effective safety program. It is imperative that safety meetings are held on a continual basis in order to address concerns, questions and comments from the employees. Safety United will take the lead in opening up the forum for discussion in order to achieve productive communication.

Safety United App / Self Audits

Every participant in our Safety Culture program will have the option to create accounts with our Safety United app. Our app transforms hard copy paper forms that your organization uses into a digital version that can be filled out and completed on iPhone, iPad and Android devices. No more pen and paper and no more scanning and e-mailing, which greatly improves the efficiency of a business. Our app is great way for companies to stay compliant with safety regulations, as we can build inspections, checklists and self audits that are customized to your business and the hazards associated with it.


In order to assure that good safety practices are continually being applied, on-going safety inspections are a must. Our inspections are comprehensive; noting discrepancies that are found at the job site or facility. A written report containing pictures along with corrective actions will be uploaded to the server and/or emailed to appropriate individual(s) within your organization.

Mitigation/ Representation

If your company receives an inspection by a regulatory agency resulting in an issued citation, Safety United has experienced mitigation consultants to represent your company in this time of need. Our consultants will work hard on your behalf to vacate, re-classify or reduce the fines levied by the agency.


Safety United will act as a Safety Ombudsman for your employees through our online submission form. Our Ombudsman program creates an effective open door policy that employees may use when they have concerns regarding safety issues. Employees with concerns have the choice to remain anonymous, which will encourage employees to come forward if they have a concern. Once the report is recorded, it will be reported to management for immediate investigation. Safety United will correspond with the employee that their concerns are being addressed and provide a status on the report.

Administrative Support

Safety United will continue to work behind the scenes to support your safety program. We will review/write applicable safety policies or procedures that are required and we will correspond with agencies relating to safety matters. Safety United will also handle the paperwork of third parties that require safety information/history, i.e. ISNetworld, PICS, PEC, etc. Safety United will also handle other administrative paper work related to safety and health. Select individuals in your organization will have secure access to the Safety United server, allowing for review and download of all uploaded safety records provided by Safety United.

Off Site Communication

Safety United consultants are available to answer questions or concerns that may arise when we are not physically at your jobsite or facility. Consultant contact numbers and e-mail addresses are provided to certain individuals within your organization. We are always available when the need arises.

Learning Management

We recognize that it is not always feasible to conduct on site training sessions due to logistical challenges. We have a technical team that will develop a branded Learning Management System (LMS) in order to train your employees with minimal disruption to your daily operations. Our experienced course developers and high end equipment enables us to provide you with a professional and effective on-line training program.