About Us

Joshua Oliver


Phone: 540-353-5206
Email: josholiver@safetyunited.us

Joe McNamara

Vice President

Phone: 704-776-2137
Email: joe@safetyunited.us

Kurt Odermatt

Senior Sales Representative

Phone: 803-671-2367
Email: kurt@safetyunited.us

Our Track Record

Safety United was founded in 1987 and has successfully consulted hundreds of businesses and trained thousands of employees on industry regulations, safety practices, and multiple other areas as well. Through our proactive approach to safety, we have saved companies hundreds of thousands of dollars and our industry experience has earned us an outstanding reputation for the valuable services we provide our clients. We take great pride in the services we offer and are constantly looking for ways to improve upon them.

What Makes Us Different

Safety United is not like the other consulting firms that are out there and we don’t try to be. Most companies out there are looking to fix an immediate need through teaching a class or doing an inspection but at Safety United, we look at the big picture. We are interested in building cultures in organizations, a mindset geared towards safety. This cannot be done through a single class or training session and is a continuous process. Safety United becomes a part of your organization and we work collectively as a team to build the culture within the company. We recognize that no one company is alike, so we don’t take a one size fits all approach to safety. We tailor our program to the unique needs of your organization, helping to ensure long term success.

Through Technology and 24/7 Access

we are providing services that the other companies out there do not provide. For example, we have a safety server, giving all our clients 24/7 access to any safety related documentation. When files are added or modified, certain members in your organization are notified of the update so that it can be reviewed or downloaded. We also have a learning management system where online safety orientation can be tracked and custom training modules for your organization can be created. Often times we use this model for large organizations or businesses with multiple locations where it isn’t always feasible to have everyone together at the same time for a training session. This allows for greater flexibility in getting employees the required training, as it can be completed anywhere that there is a wifi connection.

With our Safety United app, paperless form technology is helping companies stay safer and become mobile through custom built self-audits, inspections, checklists and accident reports. Your organizations paper forms can now be completed in the field with iPad, iPhone and Android devices. This technology greatly improves efficiency in the field and is a simple way to promote accountability and help establish a culture geared towards safety.

At Safety United, we take great pride in differentiating ourselves from the competition. With our main office in Charlotte, NC and a new location in Greensboro, NC we are continuing to grow and provide our unique services to even more organizations. Contact us today and let us show you how we can protect your employees and your company.